From wounded Queen to Empowered Leader of your own empire… and Why YOU are the only determinant of your own success.


{From wounded Queen to Empowered Leader of your own empire… and Why YOU are the only determinant of your own success.}

It was 2010. I’m working as a mid level attorney at the world’s number 1 litigation firm. It’s 9pm and I shut down my laptop after a hectic day’s evidence review on an oil dispute worth $2billion. Blah. Another day has gone by in a blur. The same thought floods my mind. “Is this really what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?”

I open the door to my apartment, switch on all the lights and my heart sinks. That same restless voice jumps into my head from somewhere deep within: “ ... you’re meant for more than this.”

I want to be working in an industry that inspires me, not sifting through paperwork arguing over the vast wealth of individuals whose values I don’t particularly respect. I want to be seen and recognized in the world for something I’m really good at and feels like my mission in the world.

I’m earning multi-6 figures, a “success” by conventional standards, vacationing on Argentine polo ranches, making good headway in my career, and yet ... why do I feel so uninspired? And underutilized almost.

It matters to me to be a part of the greater plan for the planet. To be at the forefront of changing the global economic story and helping other women soar and achieve.

I feel frustrated and uptight at how uncomfortable my life has become. I feel myself cutting off from people as I try and fail to figure out my next move.

I’m not on MY path, and I don’t know how to course correct this.

One day I speak with a life coach, a force to be reckoned with in the personal development world with his own television show.

He tells me “Sofia, you’re going to have to quit being a lawyer if that’s not what you envision for your life long term. If you don’t, you’ll never feel joy or satisfaction because all of us need to be living our own divine plan if we want to reach our ultimate success and fulfilment.”

Feelings of terror flashed through me. I have no vision for my life other than this.

Home alone that evening I ponder over what he said. Having grown up in a family where money was a struggle and having developed a taste for all things luxury, I wasn’t about to compromise my wealth visions. So how the heck was I going to make this big life leap work without a plan?


{Flash forward 3 years}.
I attend my 999th workshop at the height of my searching and despair. I’m at a point where the choice is to squish my dreams into a smaller box and give up on finding my “something big” or keep going, and the honest truth is my energy is waning.

What I’m told that evening is that we each have a blueprint for our lives. That we each know exactly what greatness we’re being called to and that we can access this information via heightened levels of intuition. This possibility blew me away. Could this be real? And practical?

Next up the speaker shared that the only reason we don’t allow ourselves to go after our big big dreams is because of an unconscious story that runs in each of us that when we have those big dreams, we won’t be safe, or loved, or accepted. So we limit our talents, our power and our abilities to be loved by those around us and, if we don’t get underneath that story, we’ll never be free or live out our highest potential.

Bang. This information smacked me between the eyes.

I believed in actualizing my highest level potential and it mattered to me to be satisfied by life. There was something in the presenter’s story of unleashing his own highest level potential as a speaker and rapidly creating a multi 7 figure business that rang true with me. We have to put our best leadership foot forward if we were going to succeed at a life filled with meaning and purpose.

{Flash back to 2010}
I meet one of my best friends for lunch at one of those soulless grey London squares. She asks me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. I’m thrilled for her! But it puts my life in such stark contrast.

She immediately senses my sadness and asks what’s wrong. I smile and say with tears in my eyes “I’m just not very happy and I don’t know what to do about it.” She squeezes my hand and has such a look of sorrow on her face. “I know, and it breaks my heart that I don’t know how to fix this for you.”

The shame I feel that someone I care about feels so sorry for me is too much to bear.

I wasn’t a victim. I had outgrown my world and it was time to move forward. If the frustration wasn’t going to leave me, it was time to answer that call and follow my something big. So that’s what I did.

In the 6 years since I decided to leap, I’ve learnt everything there is to know about reaching our highest potential.

If I was going to be the empowered leader of my empire, it was time to clean house and take responsibility for my life. It was nauseating to see that the reason I’d failed to make my big leadership move before, that I’d been single for 10+ years (other than light hearted flings) and that the side business I couldn’t get off the ground had all failed for the same reason – I’d made THE SAME 26 unconscious choices in a row each time I failed.

(Shockingly we ALL have a set pattern of sabotage we play out on continuous loop to keep our lives smaller than they would otherwise be.)

I got to see exactly what my great plan for my life was thanks to developing a deep relationship with my intuition. Who knew you could know every answer to every question you’d ever wanted to ask from your own higher knowing? I didn’t until now.

As I downloaded information about all of my life desires including living in nature, discovering the depths of my sexuality, being a women’s empowerment mentor and inspirational speaker and that I am here to change the conversation about how women do leadership fuelled by desire and higher vision and in so doing, change the global story about how we play this game of life, I was bowled over with inspiration.

If only I’d committed the time to learning this skillset at 18, how different my adult life would have been. After all, no great leader can rule without a plan!

My choice of my vision for a relationship brought in an incredible man just 2 months later (still my partner today). The more I trusted the calling of my inner knowing and its action plan for me, the more life showed up for me. I’d spent years trying to figure out how to live a location independent lifestyle, and here I was getting the call to move to Australia, and my leadership business developed in perfect synchronicity to allow that to happen.

My clients were going on to achieve incredible success in their leadership ambitions having discovered their “something big” through our work together. The combination of their vision plus me having their back when they got scared was bringing about huge life changes for them. They were investment bankers, senior executives and editors who’d reached a similar threshold I’d hit and we worked together to identify their next move, fortifying their courage to jump to leadership roles that excited them with great success.

Life got better and better, and now I was confronted with a new problem. The true scale of my vision for my life was overwhelming. I was so scared of what was in front of me I was paralysed into inaction.

What my heart really wanted felt too big for me. But I wasn’t going to give up because it felt hard.

As I healed my story around my fear of success, my fear of failure, of being attacked for being too public and my dislike of conflict which all leaders have to deal with, I connected with my persona as a 7 figure business woman, of the founder and CEO of my own company, of the leader of a global movement and impact, of living a life of my choosing and creating wealth on my own terms, I realized the biggest lesson of them all –
we are the SINGLE most important determinant of our own success.

Until we become the CEO of our own lives, of our own mindset, our own vision and choices, we can’t begin to achieve our greatest leadership potential and build our empires. We live in a constant space of conflict – one part of us that wants us to soar and thrive and another part that wants us to blend in and not be seen.

It suddenly made complete sense why I’d got stuck in my leadership all those years before. That was my safe zone.

Today I enjoy a life of leadership, love and freedom I could only have dreamed of sat in that lonely and uninspiring London office. I have the freedom and energy to give back in a way that feels meaningful, mentoring women to achieve their big leadership dreams and life and in the process giving 10% of my profits to an organisation I hold dear to my heart -- She’s the First – a not for profit that enables young girls in low income countries to be the first to graduate school in their family.

When the leadership piece came together, so did the rest of my life. I get to wake up each morning knowing that I have a day of work ahead of me that is deeply motivating and inspiring, and I have someone to share that with when my day is done. I’m making the imprint on my empire and the planet I feel I am meant to.

I always had this in me, I just needed the plan and the ability to step over my “safety story” so I could take the action to make it happen. And you have this in you.

If this has moves you or inspires you ... and you’re completely tired of running around trying to source inspiration from outside (because that ultimately never works)...

I am running a highly selective coaching programme for women wishing to be the empowered leaders of their empires and I have room for 2 more women to join us on this journey.

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