Personal development is a MYTH - let me save you some time here ...


Brilliant woman, this will not have escaped your attention I'm guessing.

The personal development industry is massive.

For some, participation in working on themselves so they can live the life they were born to live is a full time gig. That's all they do, workshops, retreats, learning and growth. No living. No creating. Just "working on themselves". That was me too for about 5 years.

Where did it get me? Nowhere.

I bought into the idea that I needed to fix myself. That I had to work on myself, develop myself and sort myself out BEFORE I could have what I wanted or to live as the woman I truly am.

I learned the long and the hard way that this ideology is simply untrue.

Now, I am going to go further with that statement.


The good news is….

There is nothing you have to fix or change about yourself to make living life as the woman you were born to be your reality.

No really*.

(*though therapists and personal development teachers everywhere may hate me for telling you that.)

You are endowed with natural gifts, talents and abilities. That’s how you recognise yourself when I say, hey you brilliant woman, we need to talk.

No one that has walked the path to big success before you has followed a path from A to B or a set formula to the top. They had the courage to follow their gut and do whatever they needed to do to make it.

They highly likely didn’t have your fear.

And I am certain they backed themselves to succeed more than you do (and if they didn’t, then they found a way to get over their shit.)

There are two sides to each of us. Theirs our ultimate power, our genius level abilities to create as a vessel for a higher inspiration that’s always guiding us. And then there’s our mind whose sole mission is to keep us in the known and familiar so we stay alive.

We have two choices.

We create from one side of ourselves or the other, and I can tell you right here, right now, which part of you has the power in your life from the results you’re experiencing.

Personal development is a MYTH. Sure, there are skills we may hone and develop, or frankly get more confident in exercising, but that natural ability resides in us. Our job is to unleash it.

We have a unique set of skills and abilities that are right there. Activating your soul’s path is about getting super clear on the direction that is calling you specifically and taking the leap of faith to get there.

What truly separates the haves and have nots when it comes to our ultimate potential is a f***ing strong guidance system. And that’s where your genius comes in.

Sure, you have resistance to your dreams. Sure you’re scared. I could not emphasise that more. But once you’ve overcome your fears, where are you headed?

There’s a part of you that knows the entire journey, but you’re not using her right now.

It’s that quiet voice in you whispering to you to step up. To dream big. To go now. Every time you hear that quiet voice, it’s your restless soul ready to grow and explode.

You were NOT born for the life you’re living right now and your heart and soul are screaming at you to “go after your something big”.


There’s just one problem with making these massive changes you’re seeking to make…

You may be inspired, but you’re not strongly guided on your path, lack clarity and are alive to the fact that you have some pretty strong self-sabotage going on.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of your old life and ready to finally step up…

But you might be thinking, “how the heck do I figure this all out when I haven’t got there on my own already?”

What if you didn’t have to do this alone?

I am running a highly selective mastermind (where 1:1 coaching meets the support and friendship of other high level achievers) for women wishing to be the empowered leaders of their empires and I have room for 2 more women to join us on this journey.

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