(even if you have no clue how to get that right now…)


You may never guess from meeting you that anything is wrong right now.


You’re massively successful and have always excelled. That is nothing new. But you sense it’s time for a big life change. You're experiencing a near constant urge and yearning to step up to your TRUE leadership potential.  


Why? Because your money, freedom, lifestyle and luxury don't feel good like this. You need more. More growth, more love, more satisfaction. What you have just isn't enough no matter how hard you try and make it work.


Without your true leadership potential. Without that sense of ownership of doing the thing that YOU were born to do. Without a feeling of fulfilment and deep purpose in your work. 


Nothing feels settled and focused. 


Life is not working out the way you planned and you’re scared to death about how to change it... 


It feels like something is missing. 


Your whole life you’ve been a strong leader. The one that others turn to. 


You know your own mind and you're not afraid to make a stand for what you believe in. (But to do that publicly and powerfully, well that's another matter.)


At your core you know...


You’re meant to lead, love and impact life in a big way.  


You're being called to live a life of big leadership and impact in your industry and your community, and to enjoy the great accolades and lifestyle that go with that position. 


You’re ready to step up. 


But there’s a big problem.






You don’t really know what that big leadership vision looks like for you and even if you did, you’re too scared to take the big leap.


It’s your deepest stress right now to feel so lost. I get it. It’s intolerable and excruciating to feel this way when you know you have so much to offer. 


You turn yourself inside out. "Please tell me who I am, who I am here to lead, for what purpose and how do I make money doing that?”


And it’s not like you’re not trying. 


You’re always trying new ways to get that clarity of direction and momentum in your life you desire. 


And you’re willing to do the work. 


You’re missing something vital and you don’t know what it is.  


But failure is not an option. 


You’ve noticed the aches and pains coming into your body. Your body knows things aren’t right in your life. 


You want clarity, momentum and a sense of deep direction that you’re currently missing.


And WHY are you “here” again in your life? Why are you having this experience of Ground Hog Day?


And you're more than aware that so many people get to the end of their lives and say...


I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”*


(*courtesy of Bronnie Ware)


You can’t let that be you. 


And then there’s the crippling fear. 


You’re terrified of the big visibility and high stakes leadership (but you know that’s where you’re meant to be).


You’re playing smaller than you really are because of your fear you're not enough.


You’re stifling your success because if you step up and stand out, you’ll become open and vulnerable to criticism from others. 


You see the top performers of the world like Oprah, Tim Ferris, Marie Forleo, Sara Blakely and Sheryl Sandberg and you think to yourself, how did they do it? 


Where do they get their inspiration from?

How do they know this is the path for them?

How come their fear isn’t holding them back?


I know you have lots of questions about life and what it takes to make a great success of yourself. (Not to mention where you feel you’re at in your love life, seriously, what do men want from you?)


But you’re not ready to give up on what you really want.




I get it, you’re trying to be more in the world and desiring impact. That’s what you’re seeking to unleash and get guidance on what that looks like, because without that information, it limits your path forward.


I’m here to help you achieve clarity in your mission and a clear identity, so you can do the work you were born to do and make that big leap leadership dream of yours a reality. 








You have a higher calling of leadership than you've been willing to embrace to date.  It's hidden from your day to day awareness, but an element of you is very clear on exactly what this looks like.


This is the reason for your frustration and push-pull relationship with life. Trying to stay in a place we've outgrown can be very painful, which is particularly true when we see no way out. 


You don't have to go through life not knowing what life and experiences are meant for you and what you truly want. You have an option to know this information about yourself right now should you choose to.


How do you do that? We investigate your core soul desires and unique life blueprint. You have a blueprint of experiences, and places you're looking to be a part of right now. Financially, romantically, career, hobbies and health wise.


There's no need to keep searching. You have the answers within. It's simply a matter of getting connected to that higher vision for your life and taking the action steps you're being called on to take to make those visions real. 


In that process, you have no choice but to address the root cause of your fears and what's been holding you back to date.


Fears around money, building wealth, being a high impact leader, love, publicity, conflict, your power, failure and even success.


You can't get where you're going without first addressing how you're holding yourself back from your success. 


Those reasons are the only obstacles that stand between you and what you really want. It is you and you alone that will determine your success on that journey. 




Imagine being free of the pain of being so lost and brought down by life. 


No more scratching around for answers.


Having the peace that your visions and big dreams weren’t make believe, but real.


Being 100% clear on your self-sabotage tendencies that have kept you away from your big leadership and love dreams to date and know what to do instead. 


Engaging your creative force to build a life that reflects all of your loves and not stalling and being stuck in your fears. 


Your big calling inevitably leads to all the other magnificent things, states and experiences that your heart is called to — freedom, abundance of money and experiences, travel, love, incredible beauty, joy and — real true raw connection.


Why? Because you have the power and the will to create any reality you choose when you know where you're headed and stop holding yourself back.  




Understanding the impact you crave and to know how to make that impact real.


Knowing what you want.  Exactly what you want in every last aspect of your life, that is yours and yours alone, so you can set about creating that life.


Imagine knowing why you’re here, what you’re being called towards and how to make those dreams your reality by igniting your highest level of creativity, your genius level leadership and highest powers as a creator.


That’s what genius level leadership and creating entails. 


You don’t need to wait until…


You’re ready, the world gives you the opportunity to rise, you suddenly get clarity after all that searching, you finally get accepted by others and your life magically comes together for it to be the “right time”. You don’t need to wait for any of that. 


None of that is true and if you wait for that moment, your life will stay very stuck.


These are results that clients have experienced within months of starting coaching:


Client 1

This client was put forward to run a high profile special project within her company meaning a transfer to her dream city, with her housing and flights funded by the company for over a year (an unprecedented arrangement for this company). The project was a massive success and this city transfer has been made permanent. Her next promotion is also imminent. 

Client 2

This client got crystal clear on her vision for her life. Her employer encouraged her to reconsider her decision to quit her banking role by offering her a no-obligation 3 month paid sabbatical. On her return, she chose to quit, travel the world for a year and has now stepped into a central strategic growth role on the other side of the world for a fast growing tech company whose mission deeply moves her heart. She honing her skills ready to run her own company. 

Client 3

This client has grown her business significantly and is running flagship projects producing thought leadership and content for the top global fashion and beauty brands. Her next project is her own media empire. 


You were NOT born for the life you’re living right now and your heart is screaming at you to “go after your something big”. 


But you might be thinking, “how the heck do I figure this all out when I haven’t got there on my own already?”


Let me show you. 




Most of my life I had no real clue what I wanted, and I struggled to make anything I really wanted in my life stick. I kept ending up down dead ends, hopelessly unhappy, feeling entirely trapped and having no clue how to create a happier, more fulfilling career and life. Where was the peace? Where was the joy? Where was the meaning? Why wouldn’t the sense of restlessness leave me?


What I came to know about myself is that I can’t get myself out of bed for someone else’s idea of a life. 


But I always knew one thing - I knew I was here to have a big impact and live a great life on my terms. 


I realised pretty quickly that no amount of copying what other people were doing could bring me a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. I had my own path to carve in the world.


It took many years of searching, but I did FINALLY find a way to carve my own path and fill the shoes I was born for. 


At 28, I was working at the world’s number 1 litigation firm handling (and winning) cases worth 2 billion dollars as an attorney and my soul was slowly dying. I was stuck in my office, always alone, working until 4 am, single, and so unhappy and I kept hearing this voice over and over “there has to be more to my life than this”. 


I hadn’t worked so hard, achieved a perfect academic record, travelled the world several times over, and generally been “brilliant” since a small girl to live this life that wasn't mine. I was born for greatness. My leadership skills, intelligence and desire to have an impact were here to do something big and meaningful. 


I wasn’t selling out my one life to this. 


The plot twist in my life was like something out of a Hollywood movie. Girl meets boy, boy is EXCEPTIONALLY hot, girl falls for boy, boy flies his military helicopter over the roof of her London office one day whilst girl is drowning in her miserable life ready to be rescued like Rapunzel in the tower, girl falls harder than she’s ever fallen, boy inevitably leaves without saying a word and girl is left to rebuild her entire life. 


The romance was so intoxicating at times I wondered whether I was on drugs or something. It was like I was hypnotised with longing. 


Safe to say was that this girl was destroyed and it was the impetus I needed to quit my safe life as a multi-6 figure earning attorney and to go out into the world to a) discover who I really was and b) to work out what the heck I had to do to mend my broken heart (it was like he’d died, I had never experienced pain like it).


(You know howling cries for months… that sort of thing.)


So I immersed myself in the world of personal development, studied probably ever genre of modality out there, circumnavigated the world several times over (my story contains my list of flights to courses and trainings over the last 10 years) and invested circa USD $225,000 in my development. 


And what happened? Nothing.


Nothing. Well, I stopped crying over the boy. But nothing else. I’d worked hard, I’d showed up, I’d done the deep mind and belief work, but nothing externally had changed in my world. I was no closer to being the woman I was born to be. I had no clue who I really was. At this point all I’d achieved was walking away from a very lucrative career. 


This was not “the dream”.


It’s not meant for me to have an average life. Not me. And not you. You know you’re born for leadership greatness. I knew that too. I knew that I had a big message to share, a big impact to have, and there was a great free, abundant life that went with that world.


I couldn’t make it happen either.


Until I realised one thing.


No one could do this for me. No one could give me the answers. 


I did learn this. You don’t become someone. You don’t get fixed. You don’t get sorted enough and then you can have everything you want.


No one else was responsible for or could make me happy. If I wanted it all, I had to create it all. And there was no more powerful source or superpower to engage with to do that than a high speed connection to my higher self.  


My mission is to bring joy to the hearts of women everywhere and evoke their courage to be the big leaders and life lovers they know they were born for. That’s my unique brand of leadership. That’s why I’m here. 


I know what it’s like to have big leadership dreams being unrealised and to have love allude me over and over again. I get it. 


I am here to mentor women to bring out their innate leadership and to help them shape and form the tribes of people they are here to serve (that may be a tribe of 5 or millions). 


It’s time for you to realise that nothing is going to change in your life until you change the way you view your role in the world. You are not a bystander of your life. You are the creator of your entire reality. There is not one thing that is happening in your life right now that you’re not creating, and it’s dangerous for you to continue to pretend otherwise. 


We're both complicated and simple beings. In the past 6 years I've learnt everything there is to know about actualising your highest potential. What I know for sure is that your cognitive mind is the most limited way of seeing the world and your highest potential and big dreams being realised lie on the other side of engaging with the wisdom and know-how of your higher self. 


Are you ready to unleash your fierce, unapologetic leadership and create the big life that is yours alone to live? 





For women who are done living life in the slow lane and are ready to be all they were born to be


The Divine Leadership Academy is a combined 12 month 1:1 and group coaching mastermind for 12 women only where we’ll cover:



Step 1 to becoming the leader of your own empire is to take responsibility for your results to date and to become very clear around the choices you've been making. Choices born from fear rather than what you really want. 


You can't start making changes until you address your role in how your life is currently playing out. Potentially confronting, but utterly liberating now you can start making more powerful choices. 


Phase 1 will centre around your destructive tendencies. This teaching will uncover the entire map of your personality and your unique A-Z pattern of self destruct that you unconsciously run every time you lose love, fall to quit the life you’re in now, date a guy and it doesn’t work out, try a new career path on for size and you lose interest, lose weight, regain it — whatever life area is not working out, there is one map to why. Said with love, you are entirely predictable and you MUST know this about yourself to start changing your results.


You have no idea how un-mysterious your life really is. EVERY TIME something has not worked out in your life, you’ve done the same thing (even if you think the problem is someone else’s fault). 



Phase 2 uncovers the exact life you’d love to be living. This includes learning about the tools that will support you in creating that new life that your higher self is asking you to step up and out into.


Everything you’re focused on right now in your life is driven from escaping unconscious pain. You're chasing love, success and happiness from a place of wanting to be valid and accepted, not based on what you really want. (Almost everyone does this. It's the human default mode.)


This is why your life may feel empty, has no joy, lacks meaning, feels stifling and trapped and you’re frustrated and angry. You’re not in touch with the creative force of passion and joy that must be the only reason for creating anything for your life to have huge meaning, satisfaction and a tremendous sense of joy.



Phase 3 is about leadership. Uncovering your unique brand of leadership and unearthing the component parts of what that leadership vision looks like for you. What’s that deep calling inside of you that’s seeking to be expressed? 


The greatest gift you will ever experience is the peace and joy of knowing your life is unfolding exactly as it was designed to do for you.    



Phase 4 will cover leading from the front, what it takes to create your next level leadership role, including (as appropriate) a leadership movement, (personal) brand and personal message that conveys deep reliability and resonance with the people you’re called to lead.


To be clear, every organisation needs leaders. Your leadership may be at the forefront of a corporate, as a consultant in the field or as an entrepreneur trailing your own path.


What decides the route? Your unique calling. 



Phase 5 is about positioning yourself in the market or the work place as your most authentic authority. 


No one will see you hiding behind your potential.


You must come to own who you really are to have the impact you’re here to make. This is about unleashing your inner CEO, your leadership voice and style and discovering what is uniquely you about how you're looking to lead in the world. 



You crave big love, awe inspiring adventure, to dance under the stars, to challenge your body and to get to know your deep sensual nature and feminine power. Our mission is to have your cup runneth over in life.


Building strong intimate relationships will be covered, along with money story work and the deep desire you have for more juice in your life. We’ll also cover the tools and tricks to set up this whole life with structures that carry and grow the results you’re seeking to build.


As women, we can’t live in a vacuum of our work, we are the whole package, and the whole package must be nurtured for us to thrive. Been there, done that, got you covered. 



This teaching will include learning to listen for the higher truth of your life, your motivations for change and growth and listening to your inner guidance (turning the volume up to LOUD!) as your primary life source and motivator. 


Your higher self is the greatest source of inspiration, power and direction you will ever find in your life. It's the source of your genius level ideas, influence and contribution. It's a superpower you'd be crazy to ignore.


The ultimate end result is for you in applying all of these learnings is to create the love, joy, abundance, radical authenticity, adventure, freedom and growth that you are crying out for in your life. 


And I want you to know…


You DO have it within you to be the leader you were born to be and live the big life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s why it’s been calling you your whole life. That’s how I know. 


(It may seem scary to step up - but, don’t be the one that gets to end of their life and wish you had the courage to live the real life meant for you.)

“Getting that vision was a huge thing for me. Once I had the vision, it became clear what I needed to do in order to start moving my life in that direction. I decided to quit my job, leave New York and take some time out for myself traveling and doing things I love. Having Sofia coach me through such major life decisions was invaluable. I’m not sure whether I would have made these changes without her.”

— JACQUI, FORMER BANKER, NOW in charge of strategic growth at a mission driven tech start up



“I had such extraordinary ambitions for my life and such a fierce desire to move forward, yet I was constantly putting on the breaks, and it was maddening. Within 6 months of beginning the work with Sofia, I made the decision to stop my years long therapy, and move from San Francisco to New York to pursue an opportunity to lead a high profile special project for my current company. This was a HUGE deal. It turns out, as part of this special project, my company offered to pay for my housing for an entire year in New York!”


red lipstick_mono.jpg

“My friend’s life really changed after working with Sofia. And I wanted what she got out of it too! I am in awe of the results I am getting. People around me notice a difference. The world looks different. For anyone on the fence about joining the coaching programme, do it now. This is a deep internal examination and also a concrete action oriented program. And the whole point is to learn the skills so you can be self-sufficient and independent. ”





This is a 12 month journey for 12 women only.


Enrolment is happening on a rolling basis and the programme is designed to be started at any time. You are able to join a waitlist until places become available at times that the programme is fully booked out. 


The programme is 1:1 coaching meeting the camaraderie and support of sisterhood from other high achieving women. 


Teaching and delivery will be tailored to you and your specific end results (those results will grow and evolve through the year).


Teaching and training will be delivered to you via email in video and PDF format. 


There will be up to 4 calls a month (including one group call).


1:1 coaching sessions will be available for you to book up to 3 times a month for an hour long call via Zoom.


Group training calls will happen up to once a month. A key aim for me during this training is to retire your need for this kind of coaching. The programme is here for your ultimate empowerment, so monthly calls with your Academy sisters will be scheduled to enable you to support one another on your journey after the Academy. 


There will be two 7 day overseas in person training and adventure retreats a year (details below). 


There will be an entirely offline period for 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter and for the month of August. Implementation is a major component of the training. As is rest and recuperation (you’ll be learning lots about this in the programme). You will have all the support you need and more.


You will have unbridled support throughout your 12 month journey from me, my team and the sisterhood that will travel the journey with you.


Get ready for your life to look COMPLETELY different


Move from a lack of harmony, support and order in your life to:

  • taking responsibility for everything that's been happening to date; onto
  • developing skills and structures to manifest your leadership dreams and life into the real world (and stepping up as the leader in your (new) organisation); onto 
  • stepping into a role as a leader in your industry.

The skill set of tools you’ll learn in the Divine Leadership Academy will serve you for the rest of your life.


By the end of the 12 months, you’ll be years ahead of humanity …. 


Because 99% of people don’t know what it takes to create a powerful creative life of ease and flow. And more that that, they’re clueless as to how they are 100% responsible for creating the life they’re living via the contents of their unconscious mind — which drives behaviour, decisions and attracts your reality — which creates your world.


(Big heads up - this is not belief change work. This comes from getting in touch with who you are at a soul level. It's inner work of the highest, most compelling kind.)


More than that, you would have taken back your power to create the real life you were born to lead and live. 


Your pattern

Don’t know what you do to end up losing out on what you want? This highly involved process will deep dive into your MAP of your own self-sabotage looking at past stories of things you’ve wanted and lost out on. It’s incredible that there is only one sequence of events that we do that is what costs us what is dear to our heart and keeps us stuck. There is no greater peace of mind or freedom that you can buy than knowing this about yourself. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 16.19.30.png

7 week specialised series to amplify your feminine energy field

The series is aimed at improving the quality of your emotional, physical, mental and sexual health by addressing the core issues that are stored deep in your cells. This unique approach is designed to free up the life force (sexual energy) flowing unrestricted through the body which in turn raises the frequencies and brings more Prana (aliveness) and awareness internally. Naturally this liberates deep residing blockages, unlocking thought forms that contract the body in chronic holding patterns. 



You can't change your perspective fully in your own backyard.

The retreats are a place to come together for deep expansion with other brilliant women who are going for big things in life and deepen and develop your friendships with sisters you can rely on in life for support on your journey. And to have fun and go on adventure with.

The retreats are an opportunity to go much deeper and create permanent change in your perspectives, get clearer on your path and take timeout to put those changes into action.

Sofia_About_Slider8_FFF3F2 (1).jpg


Play and immerse yourself alongside the lions, elephants and giraffes on this life altering and inspiring safari in South Africa scheduled for April 2018.



A deep dive adventure into majestic Argentina scheduled for November 2018. Travel with your sisters for learning, culture, growing and awe inspiring beauty.


The ultimate end result of The Divine Leadership Academy?


Unleashing your brand of unique and empowered leadership.


And designing the soul driven life you were put on this planet to live. 


Is now your time to lead and love in a big way?


Entry into The Divine Leadership Academy is by application.



  • You're done success, and now you're ready for success + satisfaction. 
  • Leaders that were born for big impact. 
  • You want the complete life of love, satisfaction and to have the big level fulfilment you’re craving. 
  • You’re 100% over being over stretched and at capacity in a life that means very little to you. You’re busy, but dissatisfied. 
  • You’re unclear why you’re here, but there is a deep calling in you. 
  • It is your now or now time. It's your time to lead and love in a big way. Because you know, if not now, when.


  • Any woman who is ONLY inspired by my relationship story. We cover love and relationships in the Divine Leadership Academy, but this is for women who also have BIG leadership ambitions. 
  • Any woman who is not prepared to own and accept (with love, compassion and kindness) that she is the UNCONSCIOUS creator of her life right now. And to use this information as the BEST NEWS EVER to create a life exactly of her choosing. 
Sofia_About_Slider8_FFF3F2 (1).jpg


You don’t have to live the rest of your life with regrets. You don’t have to think “oh what might have been”.


You have a choice.


If you’re ready to do life completely differently, if you’re ready to do life in the fast lane, let’s talk. 


If you have any questions about coaching, please email me and my team at info@sofiagarcialadera.com