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You'd never guess it from meeting you that anything is wrong.


You’ve always been success orientated and about making an impact in the world, but you’re getting an ever growing sense that you’re headed in the “wrong” direction for you.


You’ve followed the “dream life” of someone else and you’re getting caught in knots as you unravel in the experience of being overshadowed by others.


And don’t be mistaken here for a moment, you’re massively successful. You’ve always excelled. But it’s time for big change and you know it. It time for the next level, the big time. It’s time to step up to your TRUE potential. NOW. 


Why? Because the money, the freedom and luxury don't feel good like this to you without YOUR mission. Without that sense of ownership of doing the thing that YOU were born to do, the mission you’re here to lead.


To other people you seem to have it all together. You always have a plan, an offering in the works, a new solution or project of the moment. A new programme, a new mentor, a new way or a new “ultimate fix” for your life. 


But, you have a big secret that you don’t want anyone to know.


Life is not working out as you planned and you’re scared to death about how to change it. 


It feels like something is missing. 


(And your joy is certainly a part of that missing piece.)


Your big leadership dreams are slipping away from you, and so is love and laughter in your world whilst you fret around trying to figure everything out. 


Do you remember what you were like as a little girl? Rambunctious, cavalier, always on the go. Where did that fieriness go? When did you start to hide? When did your fire start to burn out?


Your whole life you’ve been a strong leader. The one that others turn to. 


Because you’re different at your core.


Because you weren’t born to play small.


Because you weren’t made to be “just like everyone else”.


Because you’re a powerhouse with a spine of steel. 


You're rebellious. “I did it my way” is your theme song. 


You know your own mind and you're not afraid to make a stand for what you believe in. (But to do that publicly and powerfully, well that's another matter.)


Quite simply, you have no inbuilt programming to conform and follow the leader. It’s just not you. 


There’s a deep sense that you’re here for impact and it’s been with you your whole life. In your core, you know


You’re meant to lead, love and impact life on the big stage.  


Hiding out in the shadows will never do it for you. You’ll never be at peace in that space. 


You have a god given leadership role to have massive impact in the world, and without that, life has no real meaning for you. 


You’re ready to stand in your fierce unapologetic leadership and stand on that big stage* and deliver your flowing fierce message. You feel the urgency. (*The big stage is your metaphor for your ultimate potential.)


But hold your horses. There’s a big problem.