My ultimate vision for us brilliant women who are choosing to shine


What’s your LEGACY that you want to leave behind? When you get to the end of your life, what did you want your life to have stood for?

How awesome would being alive be if what I share below was all of our reality?

The one thing I want to solve in this lifetime is brilliant women no longer living from the limitations of their ego and what they believe to be possible, but actually knowing and manifesting their genius and greatness and soul truth and loves here on Earth and creating the abundant, joyful, love filled and expansive reality that goes with that.

Our ultimate vision is to create a world in which women stand in their power and enjoy living and creating knowing that they are the source of creation so there is nothing they cannot create. That includes rising up in our leadership and owning the unique role we were born to occupy. 

Our vision is to have women experience the truth of their power and ability to manifest whatever reality sits in alignment with their soul's truth. Women to be shinning ambassadors that true leaderships begins with owning what is within. A powerful fierce voice, a loving true nature to share with a beautiful partner, a desire to make a big difference and to influence others into living a life honouring their greatest potential.


Much love,

Sofia xo


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