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You're in the right place if you're a professional woman 34 years+ who's ready to get your leadership ambitions and personal life back moving at the accelerated speed you want, need and expect. My clients get big results personally and professionally (which I'll happily share with you on our call).

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— Jacqui, former banker, now in charge of strategic growth at a mission driven tech start up

"Getting that vision was a huge thing for me. Once I had the vision, it became clear what I needed to do in order to start moving my life in that direction. I decided to quit my job, leave New York and take some time out for myself traveling and doing things I love. Having Sofia coach me through such major life decisions was invaluable. I’m not sure whether I would have made these changes without her.

(Jacqui has just stepped into her dream role that perfectly matched her vision having joined a fast growing tech company whose mission deeply moves her heart.)


— Courtney, senior executive at a luxury goods company 

“I had such extraordinary ambitions for my life and such a fierce desire to move forward, yet I was constantly putting on the breaks, and it was maddening. Within 6 months of beginning the work with Sofia, I made the decision to stop my years long therapy, and move from San Francisco to New York to pursue an opportunity to lead a high profile special project for my current company. This was a HUGE deal. It turns out, as part of this special project, my company offered to pay for my housing for an entire year in New York!

(Courtney's transfer to New York has been made permanent and she's about to be promoted again!)


— Tiffany, fashion editor and journalist

My friend’s life really changed after working with Sofia. And I wanted what she got out of it too! I am in awe of the results I am getting. People around me notice a difference. The world looks different. For anyone on the fence about joining the coaching programme, do it now. This is a deep internal examination and also a concrete action oriented program. And the whole point is to learn the skills so you can be self-sufficient and independent.”

(Tiffany has grown her business significantly and is running flagship projects producing thought leadership and content for the top global fashion and beauty brands. Her next project is her own media empire.)