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About Sofia Garcia Ladera

Sofia Garcia Ladera is an entrepreneur from London, United Kingdom who quit her role as a billion dollar case managing attorney at the world's number 1 litigation firm and now lives her wildly prosperous “Success 2.0” vision empowering women to mobilise their special gift of leadership and build their empires.

Sofia Garcia Ladera is a world leading career & success mentor who helps high achieving woman aged 35-42 become extremely successful, live on purpose and be happy through giving them a crystal clear professional vision and instilling the habits of the mega-successful. Sofia is known for consistent and impressive client results. 

Sofia's clients are women who have enjoyed big professional success in “Corporate America” having graduated from top schools. Sofia has helped her clients to become certain on their purpose and accelerate to their Success 2.0 vision and life empire.




Most of my life I had no real clue what I wanted, and I struggled to make anything I really wanted in my life stick. I kept ending up down dead ends, hopelessly unhappy, feeling entirely trapped and having no clue how to create a happier, more fulfilling career and life. Where was the peace? Where was the joy? Where was the meaning? Why wouldn’t the sense of restlessness leave me?


What I came to know about myself is that I can’t get myself out of bed for someone else’s idea of a life.


But I always knew one thing - I knew I was here to have a big impact and live a great life on my terms. 


I realised pretty quickly that no amount of copying what other people were doing could bring me a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. I had my own path to carve in the world.


At 28, I was working at the world's number 1 litigation firm handling (and winning) cases worth 2 billion dollars as an attorney and my soul was dying. I was stuck in my office, always alone, working until 4 am, single, and so unhappy and I kept hearing this voice over and over "there has to be more to my life than this."


I hadn’t worked so hard, achieved a perfect academic record, travelled the world several times over, and generally been “brilliant” since a small girl to live this life that wasn't mine. I was born for greatness. My leadership skills, intelligence and desire to have an impact were here to do something big and meaningful. 


I wasn’t selling out my one life to this.


The plot twist in my life was like something out of a Hollywood movie. Girl meets boy, boy is EXCEPTIONALLY hot, girl falls for boy, boy flies his military helicopter over the roof of her London office one day whilst girl is drowning in her miserable life ready to be rescued like Rapunzel in the tower, girl falls harder than she’s ever fallen, boy inevitably leaves without saying a word and girl is left to rebuild her entire life.


The romance was so intoxicating at times I wondered whether I was on drugs or something. It was like I was hypnotised with longing.


(If you love a juicy story, you can check out my full story here.)


Safe to say was that this girl was destroyed and it was the impetus I needed to quit my safe life as a multi-6 figure earning attorney and to go out into the world to a) discover who I really was and b) to work out what the heck I had to do to mend my broken heart (it was like he’d died, I had never experienced pain like it).


(You know howling cries for months… that sort of thing.)


So I immersed myself in the world of personal development, studied probably ever genre of modality out there, circumnavigated the world several times over (my story contains my list of flights to courses and trainings over the last 10 years) and invested circa USD $225,000 in my development.


And what happened? Nothing.


Nothing. Well, I stopped crying over the boy. But nothing else. I’d worked bloody hard, I’d showed up, I’d done the deep mind and belief work, but nothing externally had changed in my world. I was no closer to being the woman I was born to be. I had no clue who I really was. At this point all I’d achieved was walking away from a very lucrative career.


This was not “the dream”.


It’s not meant for me to have the normal life that everyone does. Not me. And not you. You know you’re born for greatness. I knew that too. I knew that I had a big message to share, a big impact to have, and there was a great free, abundant life that went with that world. You know that to be true in your heart too.


I couldn’t make it happen either.


Until I realised one thing.


No one could do this for me. No one could give me the answers. That only ever resulted in a watered down dissatisfying less than abundant version of my life.


I did learn this. You don’t become someone. You don’t get fixed. You don’t get sorted enough and then you can have everything you want.


No one else was responsible for or could make me happy. If I wanted it all, I had to create it all. And there was no more powerful source or superpower to engage with to do that than a high speed connection to the highest form of intelligence we have.


My mission is to bring joy to the hearts of women everywhere and evoke their courage to be the big leaders and life lovers they know they were born for. That’s my unique brand of leadership. That’s why I’m here. 


That’s my unique brand of leadership. That’s why I’m here.


I know what it’s like to have big leadership dreams being unrealised and to have love allude me over and over again. I get it. 




I am here to help high achieving women aged 35 - 42 to become wildly successful, live on purpose and be happy by giving them a crystal clear professional vision and instilling the habits of the mega-successful.


And the good news is THE SKILL SET I employ is available right now for you to use too.


It’s time for you to realise that nothing is going to change in your life until you change the way you view your role in the world. You are not a bystander of your life. You are the creator of your entire reality. There is not one thing that is happening in your life right now that you’re not creating, and it’s dangerous for you to continue to pretend otherwise.


We're both complicated and simple beings. In the past 8 years I've learnt everything there is to know about actualising your highest potential. What I know for sure is that your cognitive mind is the most limited way of seeing the world and your highest potential and big dreams being realised lie on the other side of engaging with the wisdom and know-how of your higher intelligence that is buried behind all the “can’ts” and limitations of your rational thoughts. 


It’s time to become the REAL woman you were born to be. 


Are you ready to unleash your fierce, unapologetic leadership and create the big life that is yours alone to live?


How would you like to get a crystal clear vision for your professional and personal future right now and accelerate to your Success 2.0?

…. Which leads you to career success with joy, purpose and fulfilment instead of living with daily feelings of being unhappy, uninspired and frustrated because you don’t know how to move forward.

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