† Why are we running this programme?

I am passionate about women having a voice, being brilliant and living their potential, not a life of expectation, and fear not having the control in their lives.

I want to live in a world where women no longer feel lost and confused about their life and their purpose in the world. Where women no longer feel resentful and bitter about how life is working out for them. Where women no longer feel like they have no real choice to decide for themselves and go along with what everyone else is doing. I want them to know their power. I want women to realise that they are the masters of their own destiny.


I want women to know that they are unique and what they have to offer is valid and wanted in the world. I want women to be ready to stand up and make a stand for a life that they want and is theirs. I want women to no longer be in the dark, second guessing themselves and their choices. Women to be shining examples of what life looks like when they go after their heart and souls. That the power to live a life of your choosing is not outside of you.


Under my mentorship, the path that a woman follows is this:

At the start: The client is lost and stuck. She is losing love, she is stuck and plateaued in her work, and she's tired of trying to figure life out. She knows a change is needed very badly, but the direction of that change is very unclear to her.

After our work: The client knows who she is, what she wants, and how to activate her power to go after her life. She has her intuition activated to guide her on the path. She's using the creative force of the universe to bring in what she needs to make her creations come to life (using the force of tension that comes from creating in the unknown to compel the creation of her results). She understands that the only thing that stands between her and what she wants is her own resistance. She is inspired to keep going for the next level.


She has turned her entire life around and taken back her creative power to build a life she really wants, and has stopped sabotaging herself. She has a strong sense of belonging in the world with her peers in the group.


† Why 12 months?

Firstly because we’re going to turn your entire life upside down when you see how you’ve been unconsciously choosing the exact life you have right now. Every illusion you have about you and how the world will be gone when you learn you’ve been CHOOSING your misery, lack of success and forward momentum.


It’s a tough pill to swallow until you realise that with a different choice and higher “structure” you can create your new life quickly and powerfully. However old you are, you’re about to start live your life COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY. That requires some training wheels.


Secondly, there are three stages to this stuff. There’s awareness/ awakening (to what the heck’s going on), then there’s integrating the learnings and then there’s living a life embodying the fabulous powerhouse woman you really are. And creating everything going forward from your genius. Which exists in the invisible. You have to learn to ACCESS its guidance.


Thirdly (if we even needed a third), we’re going to cover lots of life areas. Your SoulGoals, purpose and business/career, intimate and other relationships, writing, speaking, true feminine power, sexual energy, money, the entire contents and structure of your ego (and all its destructive ways) (and yes, literally, I mean the whole thing) and how to activate your personal genius level creator abilities.


For those it’s relevant to, we can also cover money, publicity, social media, building out a brand, content creation and starting a leadership revolution. You’ll see my work online. I’ve been mentored by the best in these areas and it is my NATURE to share what I know. I’ll gladly share what I know for your advancement. That’s who I am at my core. I lift those around me as easily as I breathe.


And for re-iteration, I may have learnt guidance from the best of the best mentors, but the information that I put out into the world is entirely sourced from SOURCE. There is no mind contribution in what you read and hear from me. NO TEACHER gave me the information I put out into the world, that all comes through me.


You are going to be empowered as a mo-fo at the end of this. In fact, I anticipate you won’t even get through every area in terms of awareness, integration and embodiment, which is why they’ll be structures available for you to continue accessing this information (and me) after the 12 months if you don’t want to continue in The Divine Leadership Academy in its full capacity. We're going all in. A whole new world awaits.


So yeah, that’s why 12 months. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.


† Is the Divine Leadership Academy worth the 5 figure investment?

I KNOW what it's like to be very lost and overwhelmed by this deep desire for impact and to make my true mark in the world, to be crippled by dissatisfaction and this tremendous nagging feeling of "there must be more”.

And then I get what it’s like to have “got started” on my purpose and for it to feel flat, uninspiring and not hugely financially lucrative.


And I know what it's like to rise above these issues and get immense clarity on my purpose, my offering, the meaning I was seeking in my life and to finally have the tools to stop throwing what I love away without understanding why. Plus how to put my offering as a leader out in the world in a profitable way.


That's peace in your heart, that's the confidence to take on the world because you know that your only opponent is yourself, and to be the creative machine I was born to be, well, that frankly rocks.


What was this worth to me? Well at least a $225,000 investment in myself to find out this information, but what it's really worth to me is life itself. Because it gave my life meaning again. It gave me the ability to create my true destiny. And a sense of peace that my life was existing and living in alignment for me.


And that the road I am travelling now in life is my journey, and my journey alone. The feeling is indescribable if you’ve never experienced it. The only thing that sits above it is divine connection during love making. That’s the ultimate. And then there’s this experience, this aliveness, this roar within. Eugh. It’s so potent.


What did I need to master? Resistance. All the parts of us that are grade A+ in causing us to fuck up. Without that piece, you are going NOWHERE. You are literally living Groundhog Day blind and in the dark as to why, and even less powerful to do anything about it because you don't even realise that the enemy resides in.


I also mastered listening. Listening to my truth. Receiving powerful downloads of information that revealed to me my true vision, destiny and impact that is uniquely mine. And that tells me how to join the dots to create my big visions.


That’s how everything changed.


And that is the gift I am here to share with you brilliant leader. I started off clueless. And then I got that my role was something to do with leadership. And now I am the leader of a revolution, community and mentor. And I'm in love. I’ve created lots of things, but these two are my ultimate (so far).


That came about by mastering resistance and listening deeply to truth. Both can be learned. Both are the magic keys that you must have to go create anything of meaning in your life. They're also the tools to use to create anything your heart and soul is calling on you to experience. Anything.


Hence the love of my life, hence the brilliant bliss filled divine experience of lovemaking we experience, hence living in the place that I love, hence everything else I’ve have created that I adore. Hence creating as my reality my Divine Leadership. Same tools, same creative rules. Masterful creative machines that we are.


As I said above, I don’t teach tools that aren’t repeatable and don’t work when other people apply them. My superstar genius is activating the superstar genius in other leaders by connecting them deeply to their source, guidance system and making them resistance slaying machines.


So yes, I don’t know of anyone else in the world that is using the tools I’m using to develop real brilliant powerhouse leaders. This is a unique experience that is going to turn your current life on its head for the extreme better.


Results that occur via this work include: Growth (both personal and spiritual), business results that weren't expected, more freedom and flow, more joy and happiness, community, a sisterhood and lifelong friendships.


It’s up to you to decide whether all of that is worth a 5 figure investment and year long commitment.


What’s changed in the last 12 months of your life? Are you up for going another 12 months without taking radical action and run the risk of life moving for you at that same pace?


“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King, Jr.


Are you ready to take the first (life changing) step?


† Why am I not happy and have this constant feeling of wanting “more”?

A compromised life reflects your own resistance. You’ve literally chosen (unconsciously) the life you’re living and you better get clear on why that is otherwise you’ll be powerless to make new choices.


From experience (5 solid dedicated years of doing nothing but personal development, NLP, regular therapy, energy healing, TimeLine Therapy, oh my god, I can’t even be bothered to list the rest the list is so long (and I trained to be a coach in a number of these modalities too) I know that the only way to access what is happening deep beneath the surface of what’s really going on (and therefore to make real change) is to use intuition (which comes from the superconscious mind) to reveal what is going on in your unconscious mind.


Otherwise, you are just scratching the surface wasting your time (and most likely your life) and that’s why nothing has changed for you in a big way externally if that’s what you’ve been doing.


Using intuition to access the unconscious mind and your resistance. Well, then you’re talking. Then you’re cooking on gas and real transformation starts to occur.


To my mind, there is only one measure of success in all life areas — do I feel good, amazing, alive, empowered (whatever feeling your soul is craving) doing, actualising, being this? If no, then you’re not successful. You’re just achieving, achieving emptiness. (And that will be down to the agenda of your ego and how it believes you need to be in the world, in this case, “impressive” so you are enough and have value to others so they’ll want you around (and then you won’t die - the ego is all about avoiding "dying" which it believes will happen if what you believe about yourself is really true).)


True power, joy and freedom come in living an ever expanding life — having more and more and expressing more and more and being more and more of your soul’s expression manifested here on Planet Earth. Be that in your business, the platform for your message, your work, your travel, your home, your sisterhood, your tribe, the book you dream of writing, the big love you want, bringing up your babies to be who they were born to be and supporting them in that. When we are turned on to OUR life, we are ever evolving and expanding.


You better get going on living your truth so that you’re available to enjoy all of that more and more that your soul is craving for you. And “joy” is the emotion expressed by the soul. It’s very simple. If you’re not experiencing joy, your not on your soul’s path.


† Why can’t I just “get over myself” and get on with my big dreams like everyone else?

Because your resistance is too high. It’s that simple. The agenda of the ego/identity/personality (basically who you “think” you are) is only concerned with survival. If you go off and “just do it”, that’s sending a message to your brain that this is how you die which is why you totally freak out and can’t move forward.


And that’s also why the situation won’t change without serious intervention (and with the greatest respect, like 90% of the practitioners I’ve come across are only dabbling their understanding of this.)


You’re not here to be fixed. There’s nothing to fix. That’s why therapy doesn’t create (generally!) the results in your life you’re looking for. (This stuff is why also half of the US is medicated for anxiety, depression, or whatever else is going around to make people feel better (I’m not talking about genuine medical conditions here, I’m talking about the “pop a pill to fix shit” endemic). Those emotions are trying to tell you that all is not well and it’s time for a change.


† Who will I meet in the community?

Everything about this programme and community, from the messaging and its tone and resonance, through to my bigger community is designed to draw in brilliant maverick women, natural born leaders, the revolutionaries that are up for living life on a whole new spectacular level.

They’re the ones who are misunderstood by everyday people and they need to seek out this kind of tribe to be around other women who get her brilliance and encourage her to shine her bright light. Horses are magnificent beasts of beauty, power and grace that can never be tamed. Like a horse, you can get our co-operation, but you’ll never tame our spirit. We were born to run free and we are just looking for the community and our people that will run free with us and love us anyway. That’s our highest vision.

To be wild, free, entirely us and to be loved and accepted just as we are.

Plus, my values are love, joy, abundance, radical authenticity, adventure, freedom and growth, so I tend to attract women who roll in life on a similar vibe. It actually freaks me out the more I get to know my clients over time just how frigging similar we are. But that’s the power of resonant messaging and the good old law of attraction, sister. Put simply, like attracts like. Fully expressed “like” attracts fully expressed “like” too.


You can’t hold back on who you truly are and expect to bring in your matching people. You’ll continually be disappointed and wondering what’s wrong with me? Nothing.

You’re just hanging with the wrong crew for YOU.


† Why do I swear publicly?

My apologies if the use of the f-word offends, but this topic I work in is no “tread gently” matter. Women underestimating their potential and what they have to contribute to the planet is not ok with us.


The Divine Leadership Academy is part of the bigger Revolution (The Impatient Revolutionary Movement) to be done with the status quo. What is happening right now is an absolute travesty of diminishing the true power of the human spirit and it has to stop. NOW.




That and the fact I live a life of freedom. That is freedom to be and do me and know that will always be ok. I’m demonstrative, impulsive, deeply passionate and full of fire. Oh and 1/2 Spanish. Free speech and expressing myself however I seek to do that is my freedom. (It’ll be yours soon too.) It’s exhilarating and utterly liberating!

Plus taboo words get people’s attention and shake them out of their malaise and that is ultimately what I am here to do.


† The secret world of the woman we're talking to - is this me?

You'd never guess it from meeting her. She's seems to have it all together, always has a plan, an offering in the works, a new solution or project of the moment. A new programme, a new mentor, a new way. But that's not her world in the uncomfortable confines of her mind. She has a big secret that she doesn't want you to know.


She's meant for a huge role and purpose here on earth. She's felt it her whole life. The world laughs at her dreams, it flattens her fantasies and big aspirations, so she plays them out in secret, trying to find a way to break through into her truth and be accepted by those who mock her and exclude her.


For she has massive talents and abilities which is why others scorn her and put her down. In her darkest moments she receives their jealousy as a lack of love and exclusion. The irony is, if they asked her, she'd gladly help. She has so much generosity, so much love to give, so much desire to help and elevate everyone around her.


She's holding back her brilliance for fear of how others will judge her. She's playing down her innate incredible nature because she fears she's not enough. She's stifling her success because if she steps up and stands out, she becomes the one with a target on her back. Open and vulnerable to the criticism of the masses. And she doesn't care for that. She wants to soar, not be taken down on her sword.


She is in no man's land feeding off the tip bits of love and attention, scared to move forward to a bigger brighter more powerful future, totally unable to go back to where she came from. She's come too far. She doesn't know how to step past her insecurities and her resistance to step into her real self. To manifest the joy, her dreams and her divine appointment. The shoes she was destined to fill.


Failure is not an option. Not with her mission. Not in this lifetime. Now is the time to stand out and stand up and lead the masses. There are flickerings of success, flickerings of progress, smatterings of hope, new ideas, new solutions, endless "this is going to be the thing that fixes everything" and then... And "and then" doesn't manifest.


So it's on to the next plan. But not this time. She's done with that game. She wants real answers, real solutions, no bullshit. She's missing something vital and she doesn't know it. It's simple. But vital. It's her missing piece.


She doesn't trust her brilliance. She's battling, battling hard to fend off that "settling" in life experience. (Settling, the norm, mundane are her forbidden words.)


She's drowning under the weight of never surrendering to that possibility. It will not happen.


But underneath, fuck she's angry. She's worked so hard. She's been so brilliant. She did everything that was expected of her (even though they made her miserable), and now she wants her big visions, her dreams, and where is the pay off? When will the suffering, the paralysing self-doubt and second guessing ACTUALLY end?


When will she actually have in hand her mission, her life's work, her soul driven business, her incredibly beautiful home, her real freedom to choose her life every day? And the financial abundance that supports that all?


As she suppresses her anger, she puts a stranglehold on her power. The anger grows inside of her every day and there needs to be a gasket opened or something to let off some steam because that explosiveness is rising. She's so volatile inside she knows her whole world will come crashing down if she lets that anger out.


So she sits on her energy, on her voice, talking a big game, dreaming big, telling others how it's all going to work out this time when you implements the new "XYZ" strategy of the moment and she knows she's lying to herself deep inside.


Her biggest fear is raising it's ugly head despite her best efforts - deep down she feels like she might die. And it's fucking killing her. Has she ever admitted that out loud? How lonely she feels in that? 99.9% alone or 100% alone? Or perhaps more consummate with the volatility and explosiveness she feels, maybe it's 110% alone. Alone and completely misunderstood. Voiceless and suffering. In her darkest moments she asks, what the hell is the point?


But she knows, she KNOWS, knows deep in her being, a knowingness that curses through her blood, knows to the point of tears, that life is not meant to be THIS. SHE KNOWS KNOWS KNOWS AT THE DEPTHS OF HER BEING THAT SHE WAS BORN FOR MORE THAN THIS. Ironically, she knows she was born to lead a generation on how great life is really meant to be. How powerful we are as beings. She is fascinated by human potential, how far we can go, and how great life is truly meant to be. (Again, ironically, you won't convince her otherwise.)


But how does she end her personal hell?


Her biggest turmoil is this. She doesn't know who she really is as a leader, what is unique and special about her, and who she is here to serve. She has big purpose in the world, she knows, but she just doesn't know exactly what that purpose is.


And it's costing her lots of money and time not knowing, because without that piece, without her power, presence and value, without her message, without her people, there is no real financial success and love in her work happening at the same time. There's no true freedom, to unleash her wild nature that is dying to be expressed. To be received and accepted.


She turns herself inside out. "Please tell me who I am, who I am here to lead, for what purpose and how I make money doing that, and I'll be the happiest girl in the world."


† What’s the deal of this programme in one paragraph?

Life is a journey back to self and your soul truths. We are seeking an emotional experience that sits in alignment with our soul truths and why we were born, plus to bring out the offering that is unique to us that we came into this world to offer. This is about stripping back the layers of illusion as to who you think you are and what you believe you need to do to be happy, get love and acceptance by others into the truth of the fierce leader you are in your essence and genius, bringing out what you have to say and how you’re here to serve the world, serving the world on your deep mission and purpose and creating your legacy, and knowing and then creating the things, experiences, states and being-ness that make your soul smile, with the people who are truly meant for you and fill you up and vis versa to create a life of LOVE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, RADICAL AUTHENTICITY, SERVICE, ADVENTURE, GROWTH AND TRUE FREEDOM, with a large dosing of satisfaction and fulfilment on the side. It is that satisfaction, fulfilment and bliss that tells us we are home, home to our true self and true nature. Our soul truth. And that is all 100% unique to you.


† Is there an alternative path I can take?

Heart to heart, woman to woman, I don’t know of one. If you don’t know what it is your REAL vision is (and you haven’t come up with it yet/you’re over the trial and error and the waste of time, energy and money that is (not to mention the destruction of your soul in the process)), and you’re too scared to just JUMP blindly (which I really wouldn’t recommend), then what else are you going to do than access the part of you that knows how to create this whole life your soul is screaming on you to live and learn the tools to OVERSTEP your fear every time?


You could give up on your dreams and make peace with your unhappiness. That’s an option.


But if you’re like me, that that’s not an option, that you’d rather not be alive than bother living a life that is so frustrating and drags down your spirits and the anger grows inside everyday with this god damn frustration that you’re alive for so much more, I’ve walked that path, I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and I know what I describe here is the beginning, middle and end of everything when it comes to living and CREATING your genius level life out of nothing (or from where you currently are if that’s more than “nothing”). (Oh and I am describing “nothing” as coming from a place of no true joy.)


It’s why I jumped into the training myself when my contract lawyer gig finished 4 months early, I had USD 8,000 pcm of outgoings, no income and the first stage of the training cost USD 11,000. I had no clue where the money was going to come from (we cover creating resources in the training).


Because my heart and soul knew this was different. And it was. It changed EVERYTHING. I’ve added to my toolkit since that training and tailored it a) for women (we have the whole feminine energy we must be sourced from thing going on) + b) I’ve incorporated tools to overcome the resistance of the ego to listening to your intuition so you can turn that inspiration tap on + c) how to deal with the crippling fear that comes up when you see the scale of what you’re here for (not everyone needs c), but my women do - we sit on the “not safe”, “not allowed to be capable” and “not enough” personality triangle so FEAR is a BIGGIE).


You will be overwhelmed. Our greatness and genius is always WAY BIGGER THAN we imagine. AND THAT’S AWESOME. Because it’s your gift to share, you’re love it, you’ll feel more satisfaction and alive than you can fathom right now and you’ll be an invincible powerhouse.

You’ll still have big breakdowns, temper tantrums, and whatever else comes up as you take the next giant leap, but it’s all fucking ok because you’re going to get up bloody quickly and keep going.


More than anything, you will be crystal clear that NONE OF IT IS REAL. Just that old reptilian brain chitter-chatting again because it thinks when I stand on that stage to do my speech I’m going to die. You’ve read “going to die” quite a few times in this I know. I mean it. That’s why fear, anger, etc etc feel so shit. Your brain thinks you’re dying (when clearly you’re not), but it’s why you’re so stuck.


Unless you think your idols got where they got and it was all roses and smiles everyday...


Fuck, this is exciting. This is the key to literally creating your Genius on planet earth AND having the most kick ass tools around to conquer the inner enemy within, your ego/identity/personality/ resistance (whatever word floats your boat).


One final point. Your genius knows how to do everything you want to do. You may continue to seek outside inspiration and take on others “structures” for inspiration, but your genius KNOWS if that idea is a fit for you and can use those structures to receive information on how to tailor that for your path.


I’ve learnt tonnes about marketing for example via social media. Do I follow the latest formula that’s out there? Maybe. Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends if it works for what I’m doing according to my GENIUS. But you know what, genius level creating sets the standard, it’s the ones that go out there and does things differently and are the “first”. They see something that could be done better and they do it. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET TO YOUR MOUNTAIN EXCLUSIVELY RELYING ON OTHER PEOPLE’S WAYS OF DOING THINGS. I can guarantee that. (Or maybe you can if you magically pick the right teachers and accept you’ll be paying coaches forever. That just doesn’t appeal to me, sorry. I am unique, particular, and I do things my way. Always have. I just needed to unleash that into something productive, aka my purpose of being alive and stop sending myself down the sabotage train.)


What underlines my entire strategy marketing wise is “resonance”. An energetic frequency of the words I write that resonate energetically for the women I am here to speak to. We like people and relate to them via their vibe, their energy. In fact, words make up only 7% of what we communicate. 7%. (Wow, that is the second thing this week I’ve used from NLP. I’m a master practitioner level NLP bod, and I don’t use any of that in my modality because I just don’t find it useful for getting results. There are much more powerful ways.)


That messaging comes from a higher source, my soul connected to everything, including Source. My ego knows how to say pretty nice shit that is totally uninspiring.


My soul is fierce, fiery and radically free. I talk to you from her energy so you hear me.


And then I use structures and strategies or whatever as the platform on which to put my message.


Before I learnt this skill, I had nothing to say. I was mute.


This skill is everything, truly. As a leader, it’s how you get your people to hear you.


Oh my god, I could go on. If in doubt, apply (and/or follow me on social) and see what lands. But truly truly, the woman I am talking to is ready and waiting right now for this quantum leap in her life.


† Why is nobody else in personal development talking about this or screaming from the rooftops about it?

Good question. I am here to do something about that for the ultimate empowerment, freedom and liberty of humanity. My sense is that there are others (outside of the people that mentored me) that are kind of on to this stuff, but I’m almost certain they don’t have all the pieces of the vehicle and then I’m not sure they know how to teach it (ie they do it instinctively but they don’t know how to show others how they do what they do).


There is this INCREDIBLE leader that I follow online who started out a few years ago and she is KILLING it. I read a post from her not long ago that she “doesn’t do resistance”. She’s never had any resistance to getting her stuff out there or going to the next level. I was like “ooooohhhhhhhh”, that’s why. Because she’s brilliant, she does the work, there’s nothing psychologically that holds her back so she is flying.


Full power to her, and I swear she should be studied in a lab or something. But that is not me. I have STRONG RESISTANCE to everything that is near and dear to my heart. As do my clients. So I’ve had to overcome that. And I’ve developed KICK ASS tools to do that every time. And again, this makes me a bloody brilliant coach to the non-robots (I say “robots” with love) out there.


† What are the benefits benefits of doing the work in The Divine Leadership Academy

Birth you as the authority, the one who knows for herself, like EVERYTHING.


Receive the highest level of mentoring in the areas listed and I'll share and teach what I have learned to aid the spread of your message and mission.


Activate your superpower via your connection to source energy to activate your Genius level creative abilities in your life, be crystal clear on your direction FOR YOU and build a life that is inspired by YOUR SOUL to experience the ultimate life of joy and satisfaction.


† Is my pattern such a big deal?

The pattern. The addiction. The one sequence of events that conspire together that every time you've lost out on what you wanted (business, job, date, relationship, body transformation, friendship breakdown, you name it), you've done the same thing each time. It's your way of living GroundHog Day. You might run that pattern in an hour, it may happen (on loop) over a number of years, but either way, when you had something and lost it, when you tried for something and it didn't work, there is ZERO randomness in what transpired.


You did the same thing.


And this is completely discoverable. Easily discoverable. That’s my job (or the expert pattern taker with 20 years’ experience who’s on my team (she did my pattern), depending on how the schedule looks.)


And I promise you, that you will be clueless as to what you're doing. People think they know their patterns, but omg they do not. Because your pattern is an UNCONSCIOUS series of actions and attractions. You'll even be attracting circumstances at the same stage of your pattern (it's both scary and freaky when you see it for yourself), so that you can FAIL. For example, people with “I’m not enough” stuff going on will often attract an “outside event” that floors the entire plan SO THAT they can blame something else for their failure (failure is akin to death for someone with this belief, success is a life or death matter).

This is the most immense, intense and incredible information that will change your life like nothing else. Shivers. It is such an intense piece of information that literally rock and change your whole world.
And it both unconscious and your addiction. (No judgment, we all have one). Liberation. That's it. When you know this shit, you're free.


Client comment on the pattern:

“What got me was the pattern. It was the pattern work. It was understanding being so fed up with my recurring pattern of behaviour and not knowing what I was doing wrong or why I was in a Groundhog Day. That is what got me, was just actually getting underneath myself and really understanding my pattern in a way that seemed like it was real, like this could be it, this could be the light bulb.”

It was. Not 6 months later, said client has crossed the US to take up her dream apartment and high visibility role in her favourite City in the world. With a VERY lucrative and UNEXPECTED financial package thrown in. We can together tell you that this opportunity WOULD NOT have happened without the pattern awareness. She wouldn't have progressed the promotion and/or would have sabotaged it in some other way. So this information immediately changed her life for the BETTER.


† What is the format of the programme?

You are 100% responsible for your process as you go through the programme. That includes booking in for sessions, managing your progress and assignments. Why? Because if I take that role, you won’t transform. This programme is about birthing brilliant empowered authentic leaders who know who they are, what they stand for at their core (ie on a soul level) and where they’re going. Not women that are reliant on me that will be completely disempowered and back to square one when the programme ends.


The programme is like 1:1 coaching meeting the camaraderie of a sisterhood.


Teachings will be delivered in video and PDF format via email so that our sessions can be all about you and what you need at that time to create your results you’re going after.


I will be available for you to book in 1:1 sessions up to 3 times per month. We will be completely offline at Christmas and Easter for 2 weeks and in August for the whole month for much needed downtime (for you and me)! This is also the time for big time implementation and catching up on your teachings.You’ll have all the support you need.

During the summer months of June and July, we will switch up the format to weekly group calls to support you during your period of implementing your learnings. That and for you to enjoy your summer!

We always want to move like the hare (we’re impatient after all), but the tortoise always wins the race. We create so much quicker when we do what we need to do, not what we THINK we need to do. Ahhh, that ego and its wily ways. The shit it has you doing that is completely unnecessary is a little frightening...

This format means that The Divine Leadership Academy will close for enrolment at certain times of the year to make sure new joiners have all of the support they need.


There will also be a support system with your sisters in the group (up to one session a month). My number one end result is to retire myself as your coach (and remove the need for any form of “life coach” in your life) by the end of the 12 month period. You’re welcome to stay on coaching if you want the support (some women choose this), but I don’t want you to HAVE to.

The sisterhood support calls are there for you to learn to do what I do so you can support each other for years to come, plus develop great friendships which you can deepen on the retreats.

My number 1 result is to empower you to be the leader you were born to be. My role in that would be obsolete if you needed to coach with me forever for continued success.


A final note on this. Re: 1:1 coaching. Nobody knows the deep truth of your offering better than you. This year is about developing a deep sense of trust and confidence in your own abilities to know for yourself and direct the course of your life and your business/career. And I am there to support you fiercely in that. Fiercely seeing through your resistance. Fiercely building the most resonant truthful joyous powerful version of your business and leadership. Providing accountability and support, and holding the highest possible version of you as your potential for you to step into. Real true lasting transformation happens as you shift and raise your energetic vibration to be in alignment with your core truth and message as a woman and as a leader.


Authenticity may be the "buzz" word of the moment, but how that word resonates for me is you living and being your highest vision, your soul truth version of you, not your limited personality version of you that is full of doubts, limiting beliefs and mistrust. And embracing that fiery power that is your true nature. We’ll love her and embrace her too for all she's taught you and given you, but it's time to shed the illusions of who you think you are and step into the power of who you REALLY are. I'm here to guide you, but you've got to trust you. This is about developing leaders after all.


Re: small group sessions. Nothing is more reassuring to our humanness to know others share our struggles. It instantly removes separation and loneliness and throws us straight into shared understanding. Nothing inspires us to greatness more than seeing one of us struggle and triumph and overcome and step into their greatness and manifest the results she desired. It tells us that's possible for us too. It gives us courage to jump from the cliff. And nothing spurs us on to get over our excuses and resistance than a bit of friendly accountability. We are all human. We may be souls having a human experience, which I believe to be true, but we are all challenged and enriched in our growth by our humanness.


Creating is about clarity of vision, overcoming resistance and taking direct action to our creating our results. Nothing helps with the overcoming resistance part that causes so much delay and going around the houses putting off the things we actually need to do than accountability and a deadline. Milestones will be set in small group sessions (as well as in 1:1) to keep you moving forward. You're a kick ass awesome soul and we know that to be the truth. And wait until you step up the scale of your vision... I guarantee the true vision that is meant for you, the something big you know you were born for, will scare the crap out of you... Stepping out of our comfort zone throws up inevitable fear.


The village is here to hold your hand through there, remind you of your greatness and to be there as the support for you to jump. You'll jump, you'll succeed, you'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. You'll celebrate. You'll step up to the next big jump and wooshhhh... in those fears and resistance come again. Creating is one big cycle of experience and stepping through our humanness, our anger, our fears, our frustrations, our depression, our sadness, whatever that emotion that is being triggered that is telling you you're dying (in terms of your ego), will always be there.


Kick ass tools and processes are what are needed to keep you moving forward, keep you supported and keep you growing more and more into your truth. And creating under extreme feelings of impossibility is so fun. Because it strengthens you at your core. I survived that. I did the "impossible". It's a vibration shift in you that fortifies you and strengths your courage muscle for life. Mmmph... there's no greater feeling! As an entrepreneurial visionary leader stepping up to your divine appointment you are a modern day warrior.. we support you and salute you and your journey! (There’s another secret I have to share that makes creating much less painful, but I won’t share that until you’ve developed your backbone of steel by creating your “impossible”.)


† Is this for entrepreneurs or non-entrepreneurs?

Is this just for entrepreneurs? Err no. Quite the opposite. This is for leaders who are born for the big stage. An entrepreneur is defined as “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” Whether you do that for yourself, or by stepping up in your leadership within an organisation (I mean, being Sheryl Sandberg and the COO at Facebook is a frigging awesome non-entrepreneurial role), it really doesn’t matter to me. Honestly, what is takes to achieve your greatness as a leader here for big impact is the same in or out of corporate. You have to be a brilliant leader first and foremost and have a message that speaks deeply to people. And you have to be living on true purpose. And you have to be the force behind your purpose. All the other stuff is just structure and is completely secondary.


† What is expected of me in The Divine Leadership Academy?

I expect you to take control and take 100% responsibility for your process in The Divine Leadership Academy experience. Why? Because when we're in the role of being rescued by a coach or teacher (or anyone for that matter), THERE IS NO CHANGE OR TRANSFORMATION. There is so much liberation in taking 100% responsibility for your life, ESPECIALLY for your unconscious decisions that have created your life to date. I am not in the business of fixing - I am in the business of true transformation and real empowerment of the women that work with me. Radical self responsibility is truly liberating, but you know that at your core.


† Is The Divine Leadership Academy right for me?

† Visionaries and leaders that were born for big impact.
† You’re here to enlighten and illuminate humanity into living a bigger, better and more prosperous life.
† You’re here to serve your power, your tribe, who resonate with your message of hope, transformation and empowerment.
† You want the whole life, the complete life of love, satisfaction, the enjoyment of self, the world and to have the big level impact you’re craving.
† You don’t own and believe fully that you have what it takes to make this all happen, that you are in some ways “less than” and not yet able and up for the job.
† You hate yourself and/or your life right now and there is no way the status quo can continue.
† You’re 100% over being over stretched and at capacity in a life that means very little to you. You’re busy, but dissatisfied.
† You’re unclear why you’re here, but there is a deep calling in you. Your soul is fierce and you’ve felt her. Your soul is ready and waiting to remind you why you’re here, what this divine mission is that you’re craving to birth through you. She’s waiting and ready in the wings for you to become fully connected and to be really be able to receive the messages she is aching to share.

† It is your now or now time. It's your time to lead and love on the big stage. Because you know, if not now, when. No more waiting. It changes now.


† Any woman who is ONLY inspired by my relationship story. I would love to be able to serve more women. We cover love and relationships in The Divine Leadership Academy, but this is for women who also have BIG leadership and impact ambitions. Better said, they’re women who are here to reach their ultimate potential and answer that deep calling within.

† Any woman that this transformation is not their number 1 priority - this work does not work as a side gig of focus. You have to want it so much it’s your everything and you’ll throw everything you have into it. Like me, you’re going to live your BIG LIFE, or not bother at all. Because settling feels beyond shit and you refuse to live your life like that. You’d rather not bother.
† Any woman who is not prepared to own and accept (with love, compassion and kindness) that she is the UNCONSCIOUS creator of her life right now. And to use this information as the BEST NEWS EVER to create a life exactly of her choosing.
† Any woman that thinks whole life transformation happens overnight. You can change the path you’re on immediately. But it takes courage, action and a fierce commitment to overcoming your own internal resistance to succeed. This work is for everyone, but not everyone is up for the REAL journey. Unfortunately not everyone therefore gets to experience the joy, success, bliss and feeling of aliveness that comes from creating a life where you walk in the shoes that ONLY you were born to fill. It’s amazing. And a true gift.

† This is not for anyone who is looking for me to rescue them and make everything better for them (like I have magical superpower and they have to do/be/contribute nothing - yes I’ve had clients like this). The REASON I create incredible results in my life that I’ve never done before is because of THE POWER OF MY GENIUS. The REASON my clients create incredible results that they’ve never experienced before is because we have activated THEIR POWER AS A GENIUS. (As unfathomable as it is to you and me brilliant woman, there are people out there not interested in experiencing this power. They just want me to be “mummy” and make all the nasty stuff magically go away whilst they carry on as they were. Eugh. Not available for that. Like. Pushing. Water. Uphill.) But I know that is NOT you brilliant woman.

† A woman who is not prepared to schedule time each week to review the teaching materials and do the assignments. My commitment is to deliver the highest level of training over the 12 months, as well as “coaching” guidance.


You are an incredible creating machine. If you dream it, you’re capable of it and it’s meant for you. EVERYTHING is a matter of the force of love moving through us in one direction, and the force of resistance moving back through us in the other direction.


Master knowing the deep truth of what you want on a soul level and master seeing through the illusion of resistance and your stories, and you become an unstoppable creating machine.


† What do I need to understand right now?

Nothing is going to change in your life unless you master yourself, your genius and your own destructive tendencies. Not “mildly” get or understand, MASTER.


There is no formula to greatness in YOUR LIFE that you can learn from someone else. You simply cannot follow a path that isn’t your own to follow (even if you’re lucky enough to find someone on the “near enough” path).


You are your own solution.


There is only one core piece you need to know about how you’ve fucked everything up for yourself to date. One set of things you do from A to Z that is the reason you fail or lose out on WHATEVER it is you’ve tried to get in your life. Just the one.


I want you to know your real power as a woman, as a leader and as a creator.


I want you to own that you are the source of all creation and it’s within your power to experience any reality of your choosing that is meant for you.